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Our web agency has gathered talented developers under its wings, and all they want is to see your company grow and digital success. There are no tasks that we’d be too afraid to shoulder. To ensure you that we are one of the best, here’s a little guide to our company.

Services our web development company provides

As an organization of highly experienced web builders, we provide an extensive range of services in the field of website creation. Designers, web architects, and programmers unite their talents to build an efficient and attractive internet site for your company.
  • Implement an innovative user-friendly design for your website;
  • Rework and optimize your current internet presence;
  • Build a web application for any of your purposes;
  • Attract traffic and clients for your project;
  • Guide you through the whole process of internet page building — from the acquisition of a domain to the further support and maintenance.
Our web development company praises client-oriented approach and all the team is adjustable to your individual tasks and go deep in your business before working out of the solution. We love unique and challenging projects that make our hearts throb, and our brains work.

What we can do

One of the advantages that our firm provides is versatility. Our team can develop a website with any kind of markup — static, dynamic, rubber, flexible or adaptive — whatever fits your tastes and needs! And just like with internet pages, our agency excels at the development of mobile and web applications, whether they be native, i.e. specialized for a particular platform, such as iOS or Android, or hybrid, which means their availability for a group of mobile operating systems. Also, our staff can implement integration of new software with your existing programming system.
  • Software for web development

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • PHP

  • Conclusion

Software for web development

To create a professional web design, one must know not only the fundamental principles of internet pages building but also the modern technologies that allow to create them professionally. Thankfully, our team has mastered so many of them that it’s impossible to list them all here. But just so you'd have an impression of their expertise, we’ll tell you about the most known and popular instruments that our web agency uses on the everyday basis.


From its start in 1993, HTML was used only as a markup language, but over time its influence on the Internet has grown incredibly. And with the release of HTML5 in 2014 it has become possible to realize complex development concepts on the web pages or even create hybrid and web applications with its help. Moreover, it entirely supplanted Adobe Flash as the primary instrument for web development. But in essence, it’s still a markup language that controls the positions of elements on the internet site. And since it’s relatively easy to learn, it’s a good starting point for anyone who wants to build sites and web applications.


Another foundation of the modern Internet, CSS’s first release was back in 1996, and nowadays it provides incredibly flexible tools for designing and laying out of websites. When HTML5 tells the browser where to put one or another element, CSS and CSS3, in particular, tells the browser how to display them, gives them style — that’s why CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. And since it’s used by almost every website, it’s bread and butter for all those who deal with web design.


Often shortened to JS, JavaScript is a client-side programming language. “Client-side” means that it’s processed by the user’s browser instead of a server where the site and code are placed. This allows developers to build more interaction-oriented websites, but in return, JS demands a formidable amount of resources. Nevertheless, it always ends up in top-10 most popular and wanted skills among coders.
To reduce its memory consumption, developers issue so-called “engines” that improve the productivity of JavaScript in browsers and other programs. Also, since this programming language is generally used in web browsers, every significant player in this field has his own way to speed up a hungry script language. For example, Google Chrome uses V8 — a Google’s invention that improves JavaScript’s performance dramatically.


In contrast with JS, this programming language uses the server as a basis and process all the data there and then just sends results to the user. This allows coders make perform breathtaking dynamic websites even on weak machines. In this case, “dynamic” means that these sites But, at the same, it obviously has its flaws, just like any other programming tool. The main ones that are often mentioned are vulnerability and incompatibility of older programs with the newer versions of this language.
Interesting fact: most of the file-managing systems for servers are written in PHP, including Joomla and WordPress. It also shoulders the paramount function in most of the online shops — the shopping cart.


The main point is that you have to know all of these technologies and even more, counting frameworks for these programming languages. Only professional and experienced team of developers can implement all the technologies without bugs, providing you with stable, secured and convenient web solution, which will attract more customers to your business.

Web development process

What is really troubling for many companies in this industry is marshalling their actions during the development process. Our firm has mastered this routine and made it as efficient as possible so that you will get an affordable website design in less time and with fewer expenses. This is how we do it.


First of all, our team must know what kind of site they are about to make. Will it be an online-shop? An educational portal? A new mind-blowing media? We don’t know yet, so our project managers will discuss it with you to come to a conclusion on the type, crucial functionality, and other parameters of your coming web page.

Wireframing and making layouts

As soon as our developers get the core idea of an internet site you’d like to get in the end, they start to invent concepts of its design. Of course, they always get a few approaches, so you will have options to choose from. At this stage, it’s all about usability and the users’ behavior — it’s paramount to make your website as comfortable and friendly as possible.


Behind every site, there’s an astonishing work of a coding team, and the site of yours won’t be an exception. These guys are in charge of every click, button, form, and application that make your web page. And believe us, the bigger your site is, the greater job they will have to do. While we’re there, you still got time to add or remove some functions if you want.

Testing and QA

At this step, our team does all the necessary inspections that will show all the errors and flaws that require our attention and fixing. But since our company practices control on every step of development, there won’t be many of them, so the estimated time of website creation will be just the same as we planned.

Support and troubleshooting

Finally, your internet page is available and gets its first customers! But the users already ask for the new features, such as comments, rating systems, and who knows what else. In case you don’t have the time or resources with these requests, our web development agency got you covered. Our team is always happy to help you with any problem that stands before you and your internet page.

Our strong points

As a dynamic web agency, we stand for a few principles that allow us to do our job with a high-quality and achieve the maximum satisfaction for all of our clients. These laws are simple, yet exceptionally efficient.
  • The interests of a customer always come first. This means that our team won’t stop working until the moment your needs are fulfilled they way you want it.
  • Transparency of every step. Our web agency will send you a detailed report about every stage of the development and keep you informed of everything that goes on so that you won’t miss anything.
  • Non-stop practice. There’s always a room and time for self-improvement, and just like a knife becomes dull without a sharpening, some development companies turn to be too narrow-minded for new technologies and ways. Keeping this in mind, our team never stops enhancing its skills and stays on the cutting edge.
  • Never forget about the users! It’s paramount to bear in mind interests of those, for whom we do all this. Those, who give you money in return for goods and services, those, who are responsible for your prosperity and wither. The users’ interests and their experience of your products are always considered by our team.
The experience and strict order of our company allow us to provide you with the most convenient and profitable solutions.