An Ace Among Software Development Companies

Our digital agency provides an extensive range of software development services in different areas and for various needs. You can trust our ten years experience in this business since we deal with daring tasks every day.

Our development agency

Our software developers are advanced specialists who live to create beautiful and efficient applications and custom software. A pack of coders and designers who are hungry for ideas and challenges yearn to create programs that will drastically improve your business. Whether it be an audacious startup or a respectable corporation, they and their skills are always there for you. Building of an excellent software is their modus vivendi, and they are ready to deal with these tasks for you:
  • Market research and finding a sub niche for your future software;
  • Construction of the web, mobile, and cross-platform applications for any purposes;
  • Development of UX/UI design;
  • Audit and redevelopment of your current software;
  • Program testing, troubleshooting, and QA.

Benefits of custom software development

There’s a big difference between custom software and “off-the-shelf” programs. While custom software, sometimes also called bespoke software, provides a huge range of options and functions for any sort business, “off-the-shelf” programs are more universal, and thus, less flexible. If your company needs something beyond the standard set of options, you should consider running for the services of a custom software development company. In the long run, money spent on the development of a tailored application comes back in the form of unique features and constant support, combined with unnecessity of updates. Bespoke software is adjustable for the needs of your particular business, and this gives you an enormous advantage in front of your competitors.
  • Technologies for the software development

  • C family languages

  • Java

  • PHP

  • .NET Framework

  • Other languages and frameworks

Technologies for the software development

After years of the iterative process of development, our team has learned the perfect ways to construct an astonishing custom software. But like any art, the art of program development requires matching instruments. In our case, these instruments are programming languages and designing tools, and now you’ll know about our remarkable mastery of these.

C family languages

The grandfather of almost every modern programming language, C started in 1972, and since then it has become an essential for any developer who’s in this business for a serious amount of time. It’s successors, Objective-C, C#, C++, and many more are the cornerstones of modern software building which are widely used in the development of mobile apps and desktop software.


A ferocious rival of C, Java was influenced by it, but now it’s trying to take over the ancient language. With its child, JavaScript, Java is controlling the major part of modern web and desktop development as well as native applications creation, especially for Android platform.


PHP is a server-side programming language, which means that it can be used to build heavy internet-based apps. The fact that they are placed on a server means that they can be executed with high speed while the results are sent to the end user smoothly. At the same time, PHP is criticized for its vulnerability, which doesn’t stop developers from using it.

.NET Framework

Not a programming language itself, .NET is one of the pillars of today’s development. It provides a testing environment where parts of codes can be tested if the language they are written in is supported by it.

Other languages and frameworks

Of course, these are not the only ones instruments that our software creation company uses every day to build excellent applications and programs. Our software developers also use Ruby, Python, Perl, CSS3, HTML5, Swift, and major frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Angular.js, Pizza and many more!
You may be sure that our software agency will adapt to your needs and requirements and choose the proper instruments for the construction of specially created software that you wish for.

Industries with which our software development firm works

Every industry has its own rules and characteristics, and we understand this. Our software company is always in search for new goals to reach, so we don’t stick to one branch but prefer to act in different areas. Experience is everything when it comes to the software development, so our custom software company guarantees that our team will deal with your application or program in a responsible way. These are only a few of industries our software firm handling with, and you may be sure that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Financial services

In this field knowledge and time are literally money. To make right strategic decisions, one must know the current situation and be able to predict its development. Since it’s futile to try to comprehend these amounts of information by oneself, our development company provides enormously productive software that can sort and process all the data you need in no time! Analysis and prediction are everything in this area, and our artful software can help you with both these tasks.


Another branch where custom software may be beneficial for a large amount of purposes, such as administration, archiving, accounting and diagnostics. With a proper software, medical institutions can get themselves a ton of spare time to concentrate on saving patients rather than filing reports and searching for past medical histories. Such programs can also help doctors diagnose rare diseases that depend on many factors or consult colleagues from all around the world to make better and more reasonable decisions.


New technologies have put the world of academic education upside down, since now universities must show that students need them, and not vice versa. With projects like Coursera and Udemy people don’t feel the same need in classic education like they did even ten years ago. But universities and colleges are taking part in this race as well, trying to transfer educational process into the Internet. If it’s not the online lectures, it may be a textbook or a video available for students. The flexibility of the custom software allows modern schools to adjust it to their needs in terms of tracking of students’ progress, the formation of lectures’ plans and communication between teachers and pupils.


Today online shopping is trying to consume its elder brother through buying and founding offline malls like Amazon does. Nevertheless, there’s still space for improvement in this area. If you own a specific online shop and CRM “from-the-box” is not for you, it’s better to entrust its development to professional software development company. At the same time, you may empower your logistics department and make it outstandingly efficient. For example, you can simply put trackers on packages, so your customers will always know where their purchases are.
Sure thing, these are not all the industries where our company excels but these are the ones where tailored software might be considered essential. Our development firm believes that any enterprise would win from a bespoke program and yours in the first place.

Services our software company provides

As a highly experienced software firm, we take pride in our products and make everything possible to make you as proud of them too. And the more excessive is range of our services, the higher the probability of your satisfaction. These are our primary skills and competencies, our fortes, the things our IT company is best at.

Custom desktop software creation

A titanic work that most software agencies are feared of, our firm is always ready to boldly jump into this ocean of possibilities and difficulties. The range of purposes for which you might need a standalone desktop program is huge, and we will guide you through all the process of development. You won’t even notice what happened as if you were watching a magician show.

Mobile and web app development

If your software has to be mobile, there’s no better way than to develop it for smartphones and tablets. But if you are looking for ubiquity and versatility, you might better turn it into a form a web application. Both formats have their flaws and upsides, and you will have to find the correct balance between them. Read here.

UX/UI and other design tasks

Whenever you open an application or a website, the first thing you see is its exterior and the way it communicates with you. The art of design is very hard to learn, and every time it’s a challenge to make something that will not only look good but will be understandable and easy to use. Our designing branch would be glad to make your products this way.

Marketing researches

Any project got to have reliable consumers, and our marketing unit is always here to cover you on this. They will thoroughly analyze your competitors and the market you are about to enter and then help you make right choices along the promotion of your software.

Our expertise

In the field of custom software development, everything revolves around two things: experience and team. Our company can boast about both of them with no shame since we’ve been practicing this craft for quite a long time already and we’re not going to stop. But despite this proficiency and self-confidence, our agency believes that there’s always a place for self-improvement and learning something new. And we think that you and us — we can teach each other a thing or two. Our team can teach you how to define what really matters in your coming software and show you that its development can be breathtaking process where everybody wins.