Mobile Application Company: Making Ideas Tangible

When it comes to high-quality app development, the key to it is always in mobile application company. We are the team of experienced project managers, programmers and designers, whose craftsmanship in this field allows us to claim the title of competent mobile app developers. And now we offer you our services as the whole circle digital agency: from IT business consulting to smartphone app design, maintenance and marketing support.

At your service!

Our mobile software firm provides help at every stage of app development. Our team will guide you all the way through: from market research to post-release troubleshooting and updating. It’s okay if you are not sure about what you want at this point. We will advise you the ways your future app may go, so the only the thing you’ll have to do is to control the process and tell us what would you like to get as the final result. Our development agency serves these needs:
  • Mobile applications creation (both native and hybrid);
  • Promotion of these apps in variety of platforms;
  • Web app development;
  • QA and audit of your existing software;
  • UI/UX design;
  • Mobile friendly web site construction

Types of mobile apps

Before start of development of mobile app, you should know that there are different kinds of applications:
  • Web: developed for browsers, they improve user experience from using certain sites or add some new services;
  • Native mobile apps: this software will work only on certain operating system, e.g. iOS, Android, etc.;
  • Hybrid mobile apps: these programs are available on any platform, but they are much harder to develop and often lack functionality.
Depending on your goals, it might be advantageous to stick with a particular type of smartphone application that will fit your interests rather than try to cover the maximum of users.
  • Mobile applications markets

  • Google Play

  • Apple App Store

  • Windows Store & Windows Phone Store

Mobile applications markets

When it comes to mobile app development, it’s crucial to choose the right platform and, consecutively, a store for it. We’ll speak about different app stores and markets so your choice would be a bit wiser and balanced. While there are leaders and outsiders in this industry, your application might need a particular podium to play its cards right.

Google Play

Leviathan among other app stores, Google Play provides Android users with over 2 million applications, what makes him the largest player in this industry. Although Google itself is an enormous company, it’s app market is sometimes considered to be chaotic and out of control, and a few years ago there’s been found a malware in the list of available applications. Google Play is often criticized for overlooking pirated and potentially dangerous programs presented in store, or for slow reaction for such software. Nevertheless, this market is highly renowned among developers for its mild policy towards application revenue that’s made by apps in Google Play. The point is that Google ask for 30% from paid software revenue, but this money goes to billing services, while the IT-giant doesn’t get a single dollar from it. Needless to say that most of the applications located in this store are only available on Android operating system.

Apple App Store

The second biggest participant in the branch of mobile application markets, Apple’s child counts about 2 million apps, and almost all of them only operate on iOS platform. Unlike its competitor from Google, App Store has very strict principles for its content. It conducts a very thorough pre-moderation for any app that is expected to get in there. Even though Apple takes 30% of any paid application’s revenue (expected to lower the rate to 15%), it’s still the most profitable market store in the world. While Google Play may seem anarchic, App Store is quite authoritarian for developers: besides tough pre-moderation, it also has rules on rating, content, name and other standards that are required for any app.

Windows Store & Windows Phone Store

Microsoft contests with Google and Apple on two fronts: desktop software and mobile applications. Thus we have two stores: Windows Phone Store for Windows Mobile platform and Windows Store for desktop computers run by Windows 8 operating system or higher. To remove this inconvenience, Microsoft has recently announced that these stores will merge into one Windows Store for both mobile and PC. For now, Microsoft charges 30% of paid applications income, just like Apple, and counts about 700 000 programs for mobile devices.
The world of app stores isn’t exhausted by three markets that were mentioned above. Of course, there are Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World, and few others, but they’re not as significant as three leaders of this industry. Though BlackBerry announced that it will stop making smartphones and will direct its cash flow into software branch, it’s unlikely that they will become a major player in this market. Amazon Appstore, in its turn, is infamous for its regulations with developers, leaving the price policy decision for itself.

Mobile application companies around the world

There are many platforms and app markets, but there are even more mobile app development companies, and sometimes it’s a tough choice to make. Through years of experience, we’ve learned a few things this industry and would love to share them with you. First of all, most of the development companies can be divided by their geographical location:
  • US & Europe;
  • CIS states (post-Soviet countries);
  • Asia (mainly India);
They all have their weaknesses and benefits, and we will try to help you navigate between them.

US & Europe

This region’s developers are known for two main features that come with their work: its undoubtable quality which goes hand in hand with its high price. You will also have to put strict regulations through the whole process since application development companies in Michigan and places like that often have incredibly strong discipline in terms of it.

CIS states

Countries of the post-Soviet region, like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and others can provide acceptable kind of quality for affordable prices, but to achieve it you will have to fight with two everlasting problems. Firstly, are you sure you are ready to work with eight and more hours difference in time zones? And, secondly, you shouldn’t forget about the language and mentality barrier. Sometimes it might be hard to understand someone, for whom English is not a native language, so would you risk your business to save a couple of dollars?


The only benefit you get from developers in this area is the size of their wage. Their services come insanely cheap, but this is likely the only benefit you get from them. Indeed, if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. And it’s not only because of problems that were mentioned above, such as language barrier and continual desynchronization in timetables between the client and performer. It’s also in the approach of companies from this region that are aiming for fast money rather than superior results and good renome.
The choice is always yours but in most cases, it’s better to spend a bit more money and find an iPhone application development company at NYC or Android development company with a favourable reputation, rather than overpay for endless fixes of dysfunctional software.

Custom mobile application development

Our mobile company always approaches your needs and requirements to create the software that will make you satisfied. With this customer-oriented attitude, we ensure that your future app has the necessary functionality and the look you wanted. Whether you are a large corporation with multimillon-dollar profits or a daring new business, our mobile software agency is ready to comprehend your demands and guarantee that they’ll be fulfilled. The type of your future app also makes no difference: it might be a software for internal use in your firm, or a revolutionary tool for distribution of your services and goods, or even a game that will become a profit-generating machine. We are here to achieve the common goal, which is your success.

This is how we make mobile applications

After years of practice and progress in this industry, our smartphone and tablet application company has become proficient in it and now the workflow is tuned to the maximum productivity. The key to this efficiency lays in the iterative process of development, which we made our element. The whole course of this activity may be separated in few major parts which are as follows:

Forging the idea

Obviously, not a single great project started without a great idea in its foundation. It’s alright if right now you don’t have a plan or your concept may a bit disordered — it’s our duty to help you shape the way it will do the best for your business. So, in the first way we discuss matters that are crucial for your coming mobile software: the platform it will be based on, the whole user experience you want it to have, and build the general image of it.

Thinking through the architecture

In mobile applications structure stands in the first place — it’s essential because it defines the way the user will interact with your app. At this stage, we make a mockup version of your future mobile software and test it. If it meets your requirements, we go forward.

Creation of UI/UX

These two abbreviations are defined as user interface and user experience, which means that at this point our team of designers’ makes layouts of your future mobile application. To do this, they perform various tests with focus groups, and if they turn out to be okay, it’s time to proceed.

Design itself

Since we know how your mobile software should look, our designers team may start making layouts and wireframes in color. At this stage, it already looks like a real app, but still lacks functionality.


Minimum viable product — the very first functioning version of your mobile application, which has almost all the features that were required at the start of the development process. Of course, it might need a bit of polishing, but it’s ready enough to perform you.

Why work with us

Mobile application development is our forte, and our company is proud of it. Our team of designers, coders, software architects, and mobile developers has reached a superior level of its skills and ability to work as one. Continual self-improvement made us professionals in this field, but this doesn’t matter that much. What really matters is you, your needs, your ideas. And all we want to do is achieve goals as one team with you.
Our mobile company has done lots of projects, and all of them were practically flawless. And we know that somewhere out there is always someone who has the idea that will blow people’s minds. Your idea. We crave for challenging tasks and look for ways to make you content. Let us do the thing we are best at — produce an astonishing application for you. Just contact us now and tell what would you like! We already can’t wait!