We have designed and delivered hundreds of apps engaging millions of users.

We have designed and delivered hundreds of apps engaging millions of users.


an app for young mothers and those who are going to become a mother soon

One of the most popular websites dedicated to pregnancy and motherhood wanted to meet growing demands of their target audience and bring their website to mobile. They approached us with a clear idea of what they needed. So we helped them bring it to life utilizing our expertise in iOS development. We ensured seamless integration with their internal database, personalized users’ mobile experience and designed an intuitive navigation making it easy to access the content and use all the features of the application.


an app for the teacher-to-student interaction

Once we participated in the process of enriching teacher-to-student communication, creating an iPhone and iPad application for a class training program. With our help teachers and students will be able seamlessly to interact with each other remotely. Distinctive features of the app are its ability to support in-app video recording, observational reporting, and secure and quick content sharing. As soon as program participants log in the app, they get access to the intuitively designed application which streamlines every aspect of the interaction between teachers and students.


an app that search for the nearby deals and promotions

An iPad application dedicated to promoting local businesses was one of our latest development cases. We designed a deal discovery application that enhances user experience incorporating iOS design elements and best native app practices. As far as it was based on the website we also needed to integrate existing database utilizing web technology. In the end, we got smart app familiar to website users and intuitive for newcomers with regular updating information and the most relative.


an app for calculating amount of conditioning and heating equipment per room

Collaborating with Australian heating and conditioning equipment provider, we created an efficient iOS application for tablets. This tool helps company’s service engineers to identify how many equipment is required for a room considering room’s characteristics. We used web technologies such as PHP to empower workers with the ability to create a PDF reports and send them to the office. Such app streamlines working process increasing company’s productivity.


a fitness app for beginners

A startup company from the U.S. approached us to develop an iOS app that preserves the existing website design and is integrated with the customer’s service-side. Within short deadlines, we created a fitness app for those who just starts leading an active lifestyle. Users can quickly register using their email address or Facebook account and create their personal profile, find friends, and work out. Available statistics and progress bars guides users through their activity inspiring them for new achievement, while content-rich schedule and reminders help to stay on top. Users can purchase video courses, get expert advice and exercise with their friends.


a communicational and social-networking app for sharing audio files

A new audio sharing application with social networking components was one of the most interesting of our projects. Our task was to develop an iOS program that allows to record, edit, and publish audio files letting other users listen, share, like, and comment them. DSP technology was utilized for sound editing and manipulating features. Users profile can work as music creation portfolio and also as a place for getting objective feedback.