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What we do

With more than five years of experience, our London-based web design company promotes businesses online helping them from very scratch of their business logo design to the search engine optimisation of their websites if it is required. Our designers obtain a creative mindset and advanced coding skills what allow us to create the most sophisticated mobile apps and outstanding websites to boost your business online and leave your competitors behind. We love what we do, and this is a secret why our design agency succeed in creating and maintaining the website that exceeds your expectations. Our web company can become your own team of web developers who creates well-designed, informative and high-performing site that meets your business objectives

Why does your business need a logo

Our company knows how much brand recognition affects your business growth and completely agree that company logo design is important for both established corporations and small businesses which only started up. Your logotype can become a part of successful business strategy because it is a visual form of your brand and reputation which:
  • promotes your business;
  • wins a recognition;
  • makes you memorable;
  • transfers the sense of trust and familiarity in your customers’ minds via one picture that encapsulates your identity.
And our designers know how to make it working for you. Our experienced designers study your business activity, industry and competitors to help you stand out from your niche and transfer your culture and business identity via your company individual sign. Our design agency knows how to make you memorable and recognisable.

4 Basic aspects you should consider designing a business logo

Your business logo is a visual icon that confirms your brand consistency and memorability. It plays a huge role in your brand recognition, and it transfers your customers the image of your company. This is what makes it is important to be able to identify which logo can achieve a success and which one is a failure.


Make its design simple and clear. It can reflect somehow what is your business activity about, but it shouldn’t be overwhelmed and crammed with confusing details. Remember such brands as Nike, Apple, Twitter. All of them have mastered the art of simplicity and sophistication in their business logo designs. Simple symbols are easy to remember and recognise.


A good design should be relevant to your company, industry, and times reflecting your audience perception of your products and services. The best logo tends to a single attribute, modern lines, and spacing giving opportunities to evolve it with times together with your business.


Your company sign should be flexible to work with in various dimension and sizes. Even if we talk about the integration of your brand logo on your website you should keep in mind that your customers can visit your website both from their PCs and mobile phones, and your logo should look equally look great on any screen whether it is big or small. You are going to use your mark in different dimensions and therefore should be scalable.

Proper colour scheme

Colours have a high power which can be underestimated sometimes. The cause certain associations which can influence your customers’ attitude to your business. Thus, some pastel shades are traditionally present in the beauty industry, while bright colours are more suitable for sports sphere. Yellow is often associated with fun and energy, blue inspire trust and authority. So be careful in your choice.
  • The History of term “Logo”

  • Picture Superiority Effect

  • Spontaneous and associative brand awareness

The History of term “Logo”

“Logo” first appeared at the beginning of the XIX century and at that time it referred to the combination of two or three figures of font writing. It appearance was caused by the rise of manufacturing which led to the rise of the volume of production with following the growth of export and improvement of competition. In the middle of the XIX century, ‘logo’ was applied to every textual cliche which didn’t require retyping every time, such as newspaper name. In XX ‘logo’ became used to describe stylised font writings of the names and symbols referred to the organisations or product. And today people have different opinions on what exactly is a ‘logo.’

Picture Superiority Effect

While your company mark can be either font writing of your company name or some graphic symbol or both of them, you should know some facts that can help you to choose the realisation which ensure that your company logo design will be successful. We are talking about ‘picture superiority effect’ which states that images are more likely to become memorable above font writing because symbolic modality has a strong influence on human minds as a way of presentation of some information. That is why pictures are used so much for advertising purposes. If your recall to the brands which come to your mind first, most probably you will remember some logotypes which have a laconic but memorable symbols.

Spontaneous and associative brand awareness

There are two major types of brand awareness that are usually measured in various surveys: aided and spontaneous. Aided recall refers to the ability of a brand to be recognised by the respondent. In this case, respondents look at a list of brand names and point at brands they know. When it comes to spontaneous recall, respondents don’t need any hints. They just call brand names which come to their mind first, and this is what our designers strive to achieve creating your business logo design. Our professional logo makers aim to create a business sign which will be easy to remember and come to your customers mind first. No matter how great is your brand mark it can succeed only if you value your company and reputation providing only high-quality services and products, and we are sure that you do.

Major mistakes while creating a logo

There exist several mistakes which amateurs can make creating a business logo, and our designers want to prevent you from making them.
  1. Usage of bitmap graphics
    Your logo should be flexible and versatile. It should look clear and accurate both in its small and big versions. If you create a bitmap graphics image, you risk facing a problem when you will need to reproduce it in other size making it bigger for a billboard poster, for example. That is why our designers use programs with vector graphics creating your logo which ensures scalability of your logo and simplicity of it further modifications.
  2. Blind brand following
    Our web designers follow trends when it comes to technologies to ensure that our web agency can provide you high-quality services, but if we talk about trends in logo design, we would like to warn you avoiding following them. Your company and its brand sign are going to live and prosper for a long time, while trend lives a season or two. Sooner or later trend becomes a cliche, and it can deprive your company of individuality and uniqueness. A well-designed logo should be perennial, and this is what we think about creating your logo.
  3. Too much rely on colour effects
    There is a high possibility that once or twice your company logo can be used in black and white version, and if you put an emphasis on its colour pattern only, you will have a problem. Colours can deliver an additional message but when our web designers create your logo they consider the fact that it should be informative even when there are no colours.
  4. Wrong font writing
    One of the mistakes commonly made by an amateur is a choice of wrong font and combination of multiple fonts at once. Our design team pay special attention to a font as far as it plays a significant role in a company logo. And our designers select a font that corresponds to the style of the image but doesn’t compete it. We are looking for the balance that brings you the best results and strive to the integrality of your logo.
  5. Usage of visual cliche and borrowing of ideas
    Your business is unique, and you have unique ideas, culture, and ethos and your logo is a way to demonstrate it to the other world. Why Apple became popular? Because its slogan was “Think different.” This is what people want; they want to show their individuality, and they want to obtain things and ideas that nobody else has. That is why, if you want to stand out of your competitors, then show your unique identity with your innovative logo. Besides, usage of other people's ideas in a modified way is pretty illegal. Before our design firm provide our custom logo design service, we learn about your company standards and traditions to transfer your ideas into an iconic symbol and share them with your customers.
If you want to get customized logos for free, you can work with free logo creators. They might be not good enough to provide you with a proper logo, but at least they can be your source of inspiration and a good solution for low cost logo design. Coming to us, be sure, that your brand got professionally created unique logo design - the symbol of your future success and brand awareness.

Bespoke web design

Besides design services, our web agency has a team of skilled web developers and software engineers who can provide your business with a high-quality software solution, whether you need a bespoke web portal, corporate intranet, website, or mobile application for iOS, Android, Windows or integrated solution for your corporate needs. We are a team of professional developers who create bespoke software solutions tailored specifically for your business.
Our services include:
  • Web apps development;
  • iOS app creation;
  • Android app development;
  • Windows and BlackBerry apps creation;
  • Website design;
  • Logo design and integration;
  • Responsive design;
  • UI/UX design;
  • Internet consultancy.
Our expert team can help you to create an efficient online presence and to promote your individuality and brand meeting all your requirements.
When you come to us, we think of you as of our business partner, and we don’t want just to accomplish our task and get rewarded for it, but we sincerely wish you to succeed. So let’s get in touch and discuss your ideas, we can assure you that we can realise anything you can imagine.