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Our development company provides services in the creation of native and web applications with reasonable pricing and outstanding quality. Our creative team offers you help in every step of development, and it will always be a unique customized solution, based on your ideas. Our agency only puts your dreams into a form of an exclusive application. There’s no business niche our developers would avoid, no project that ambitious we’d fear to take up its challenge and no company that would be too big for us to fulfill its needs.

Custom software development

Regardless of the platform you’re going to conquer, keep in mind that many tasks need to be solved in the unique and extraordinary way. Nobody argues about the fact that sometimes out-of-the-box solutions might be the right choice, especially when you need an application with limited functionality right away. But if you’re looking for something exceptional, it’s better to apply to someone who’s specialized in this area. Like application developers, who’ve been in this industry for a decade already and who knows what threads to pull to make a great application. In this case, you get an individual approach which allows you to control over every part of development process.

Our team of app developers

Our mobile agency has an extensive experience in development of mobile apps, and that’s why you can be sure of our team of coders, designers, and software architects. When it comes to application development, we are enthusiastic about making your wishes come true. Our workers’ ample knowledge of this craft is fashioned to serve your needs, and they’d be happy to take up the challenge in the creation of your dream app. Everlasting practice allows us to be on the cutting-edge of technologies and development strategies. Unlike the most app building companies, we take pride in our customer-oriented approach, meaning that our team will guide through the minefields of the whole developing process.
  • Industries that could benefit from an app

  • Communication

  • Games

  • Education and productivity

  • Transport and logistics

  • Retail

Industries that could benefit from an app

There're almost no industries left that couldn’t get an advantage from a well-produced application. Education, finance, healthcare, communication — everything is getting conquered by comfy pocket assistants. To prove that, we will show few fields that are now unimaginable without mobile applications.


Facebook started as a website, but its true potential released on smartphones when it was released as an application. Ability to permanently chat with friends and close ones through mobile applications opened to the world less than a decade ago, but now it’s impossible to assume that there are other ways to communicate. The point is that this market is still growing, and new messengers are released every day, gaining decent publicity and clientele.


In 2016, the share of the mobile gaming market is expected to finally outrun PC-based games and earn 37 billion dollars. At the same time, app markets and stores are oversaturated with game applications. But for now, the pie is big enough for everyone to get a slice of it. Whether it’s a gargantuan MMO-strategy or an indie quest, any game will find its fan base and ways to get money from it.

Education and productivity

Probably the third largest niche in mobile applications, these two go hand in hand, improving one’s life through scheduling, reminders, online courses, etc. When it comes to ways of monetization for this kind of apps, there is a variety of ways to do that, e.g. premium subscriptions with extended content, decoration options, additional functions, family subscriptions and so on. Some sites and applications are free, but offer their diplomas for a small fee, like Coursera.

Transport and logistics

With constant access to the Internet comes the ability to know where you are at the exact moment. And while casual users exploit this feature in applications like Swarm and Google Maps, companies utilize it to control movements of their shippers and truckers. Even taxi slowly passes away in front of the new competitors such as Uber and BlaBlaCar. These apps allow renting the nearest driver for the smaller payment than regular or free at all!


Almost every mall or major online shop has a mobile application nowadays, and it’s reasonable for them to do so. Users spend more time on smartphones than on PC, and major internet retail networks like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba increase their presence in this field to be more approachable for the new clients. Through mobile applications, they can promote sales and discounts directly to potential customers, while users can store their client cards in it.
The overall idea in modern service sector is called “uberization” and lays in the fact that people tend to stop applying to specialized companies. Now they rather download an application that can connect them with individual workers. According to this tendency, the number of applications will increase until the very moment all such services will become application-based.

Types of apps

There are billions of applications themselves, but they all can be classified through different attributes, like platform they’re based on. We combine these features to make their taxonomy easy and logical.

Web applications

Unlike the mobile apps, this type of software is tied to a web browser profile or a particular site instead of gadget or a phone number. Their sphere of usage is endless since their operate with the web by its rules. There's a web application for everything. Need an advanced spell checker? There you go! Want to compare prices for goods on different sites? No problem, just get this extension! Have problems reaching a particular web site? The Internet is filled with browser-based proxy applications! Of course, most of the web apps don’t go that far and specialize on one site or function, enhancing user experience. You should also always remember that despite the fact that they’re available on any web page, some browsers may have issues while using it, and to keep these applications alive it’s crucial to always keep them updated.

Native applications

This sort of apps has strong connection to a specific platform it’s meant to be used on. The leading players in this field are Apple and Google since they share the two biggest parts of it, about 45 percent each. The number of apps in their stores is over 2 million each, and every one of them is built in agreement with the rules of store they’re based in. This goes not only for the content of an app but also for its structure and technologies it’s built with. While Apple orients on its creation — Swift, and Objective-C, Android prefers its own developer’s kit, called Android SDK, which is based on Java.

Hybrid applications

When it comes to this kind of apps, their main forte comes right away: they’re universal. They can work on iOS, Android, web sites — basically, on whatever you want. They are built with essential web technologies, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and this explains their ubiquitous nature. Needless to say that these are not the only technologies that are used in the process of creation these apps, they often include elements of C++, Java, or even Ruby, but still they’re available on any platform you want. It takes a ton of time to make such inconsistent software available on such different systems, but if you're aiming to reach the maximum amount of users possible, this would be your choice.
Only you can choose the type of an app that’d represent your company, but it’s essential to remember that any task may be done in a number of ways. What actually matters is the team that solves it, and its selection will determine the path in which the process of development will go.

Freelancers V.S. Outsourcing company

At this point you might think: why don’t I get a Jack-of-all-trades freelancer, who will do all the job for less money? You certainly can do that, but you’ll have to pay twice if you choose this path. Firstly, you’ll pay for all the fixes and corrections that will appear after the initial release, and secondly, you’ll have to waste a ton of time to build an app. Even if you hire a few freelancers to do the job, it will be terribly hard to get them in one team, as they will argue and “fix” each other’s mistakes. But if you choose to let the organized company of application developers build your app, every dollar you spend will come back in profits from it. You’ll get all the details on the way of development and the support after the release of an app, and much more.
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Our proficiency in the field of application development allows us to make outstanding software for any required platform. Whether it be Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, or just a web app — our agency is ready to start the process right away. After a smooth and pleasant development process you’ll get the app you wanted, right on time we settled in the beginning. Our application developers have already fulfilled the needs of many clients in various industries, so we’re able to solve any task that seems too specific or hard. Through experience and knowledge, our team figures out the ways to make your application distinctive and superior to its competitors.
Our presence in this field has been long and confident, so you may be sure that our agency can do the best job for the most reasonable price. Responsibility is our creed, it has served us good service, and now we offer it to you. We are ready to help everyone from young and ambitious startup to great international corporation — our design and development agency knows the ways business applications work and make the best of it. Even if you don’t have a company yet but urge to build it upon a future application, we are here to support you and show that with the right team of developers application development might be not that hard. Just leave your contacts and thoughts in the form below, and you can be our next happy client.